leave this website

im so tired!!!!!!


listen to your fave album

i made a quiche but it was mid

stop smoking ?!

read a book about a topic u know nothing about !!

<3 from a stranger

Take a 2 hour long bath with a bottle of wine.

Wear Face masks, wash hands more often can prevent us from virus

The internet museum is a very interesting web

Offer to rake leaves in front of someone’s house.

danser avec la cafetiere

Draw a frog and tell him you’re his god

have a good idea and send it to a website!

www.nosfuturs.net/ and understand how worker can change the future

eat a fruit after visiting this site

I love you so much

have a drink

have good day

shit on the toilet with a brand new pose.

Take care of your parents

Do a little dance!

Watch Naruto with your Dog/Cat


Go to hallointer.net and look at all the amazing websites

start a cult with the moths in your closet

Stop pissing in the sink

why am i looking that haunted yellow house again? with cheery blossom in the back

Listen to a new album

do your work for goodness sake

build a terrarium

eat baguette

watch a new movie every day


talk to my roomies

eat a carrot

We should all think about life from the death perspective. It makes us value everything much more and see what's really important. Think of your death.

smoke weed, eat shrooms

make a rave, in your room...for yourself

draw a flower

buy flowers

eat all day er'day

cry with your bestie

go on a walk and look at plants and building

count your teeth

journal out those frustrations and reach enlightment

Stare at the wall

Make caldo con arepa

give your cat a hug

lick everything in your house

one schpoupf an hour every day keep the covid away

play twonship

Have sex 5 times a day

Watched modern family 5 times

Learn how to love homework

Write down three coincidences that happened to you in the past week.

Your feelings are real but not true

Take a bath with Dead Sea salts to exfoliate skin deep and get that glow

kiss your lips!!!

learn chess

Correct your posture

dance like a snake on the floor

Get a cat

Scream into the void!!!

eat something

Create a website whereby users submit ideas for things to do during quarantine

Investigate whether Smarties tubes generally contain an equal number of different coloured Smarties or is the distribution skewed towards one or more colours.

Watch every season of the Kardashians

Stop watering your plants and see how long it take for them to die

Submit a load of weird ideas into the website https://excellent-quarantine-ideas.com

Break a single pencil in half as many times as possible

Stare at people who walk past your house.

Have sex. Or masturbate.

Draw a self-portrait

practice a handstand

Zoom call friends

Join Postcrossing.com

pretend to fight someone in the shower


I don't have an idea

Make cards for your friends and families

More Pizza

Put cocktail umbrellas in your hair and then take a photo

DIY projects

Make a boat trip ;-)


hug ur ex

Start writing haikus

Draw a portrait of yourself with your eyes closed.

look at family photos

Watch cartoons

wash your hands



Support your local restaurants and order delivery

Finally finish learning Spanish

go march

hang on in there!

lie on the floor, look at the ceiling, imagine it's the floor and walk through it!

eat barbra streisand with lemon

Understand the power of time, use it for yourself, your loved once and for the nature!

Start writing things you love or hate.

Make a Paella !

Turn your kitchen into a restaurant and serve your family food.

Think of ways of depending less on the system, share your thoughts with a community and make them grow

Remind your loved ones how much you care about them - and yourself

Learn to do a handstand. Practice until you're a ninja.

watch studio ghibli movies

Make handwritten letters

Video chat with a loved one

Try Zumba

play ukulele

make love probably

learn to complete the Rubik's Cube. It only took me 6 hours.

Write critical notes to yourself. Hide them in the freezer.

Give yourself that creative haircut you've always be too scared to try

Cob Loaf Pedicure

Buy a tie-dye kit for your socks / rug / lampshades, etc. Or, learn to dye with kitchen scraps.

Play the Sims, live vicariously through them.

Learn a new skill

Redo your room.


make an original milkshake your reality.

do analogue collage

add more greenery to your WFH space :)

Fart really loud


Do the fifth randomly generated idea to appear here, as diligently as possible, every day for a fortnight.

quit your job

take a selfie everyday




Watch Clarence from Cartoon Network

make love

hi there, watch a good movie. Cup of Tea for example

eating an incredibly long-legged mango

Call your mom and dad

Text or call a friend and tell them you are thinking of them.

Try on very strange and unexpected combinations of clothing and take lookbook pictures of yourself. If you're feeling extra sassy organise a catwalk for your housemates or neighbours.

all will be good

Enroll in an online course and learn something new

Write a letter to a friend to be mailed after lockdown

hi there


read poetry or watch performance poetry like button poetry

stare to your foot

stay positive :)

Build a bug hotel from your recycling

eat pie

Learn reggaeton

Create a comic strip

do nothing

movies marathon

♡ cook virtually with your friends ♡

♡ Make virtual love with somebody you met online during the quarantine ♡

poop more

Embroider monogrammed pillow cases for your friends.

Write down your memories from childhood

dance your little heart out

ice cream instead of milk in cereal

Drink Water

Put your elbows to your ears and walk on you toes

Do laundry

make an archive of all your fave artists

dip your toes in the sea: fill a big pot with very cold water, add lots of salt then put your feet in for a good 10 mins. add pebbles and sand for extra beach experience.

make a scrap book

Tell your pet that they're a little baby and proceed to pat

Go yeenus mcmeanus and put your foot in a bag of mashed banana

Listen to the end works of coldplay!!!!!1

Look in the mirror til you fully dissociate

Re-read Harry potter

Throw out all your socks with holes in them

Moisturize babbaaaaayyyy

See how long you can hold your breath

Do more poos

watch Godard movies

write your lover a poem

stop everything think it won't be sad

do a backflip

Visit the online artshow OUTBBBREAK and donate to the charities supported by the artists http://www.dombarra.art/whitepagegallery

Visit White Page Gallery/s and join our network and community http://www.whitepagegallery.network

🌿 Talk to Plants 🌿

learn English

dare you to jump the rope

think about life

fatten a cat

Pet your animals ;)

learn the kalimba!

Go outside on google street view

Call your parents.

clean out the junk drawer

If you are not a natural runner, but want to enjoy some time outside- dowload the free couch to 5k app, its brilliant for focussing your exercise and gives you a sense of purpose/ achievment for every run you do. It slowly builds you up to be able to run 5k over several weeks.

love someone harder!

Use your feet as if they were hands and vice versa

just breathe

talk to everyone you cross eyes with

I want to create a wool brand with the wool that is thrown away in Italy

have a dance party

Separate the chocolate pieces from the Muesli by hand to make a chocolate cake

Wear a different pair of socks every day!

Cook a dish you always wanted to try

bake a three-layer cake with flowers

Do the dishes and get wicked.

Read Harry Potter Again (or for the 1st time)

Send your friends anonymous postcards and wait to see if they know it was you.

Back up those hard drives. Repeat.

Rehab your cuticles

relearn long division

clean your whiteboards

learn the runic alphabet and write secret diaries

make necklaces for your cat

make a list of every meat in order of your preference

follow your cat around all day and do as she does

Rearrange a book shelf.

hello my friend, hope you're doing well baby kiss kiss bang bang

Learn how to make websites with as much charm as this!

Click Again!

Do nothing!

smoke a doink

make jam with seasonal fruit

wash, scrub, love n massage your feet

Learn a language

Make something for someone else.

Tickle your bum bum.

submit a fake idea

do that thing you've always wanted to do. this is your sign

start a blog

Practice self-love 🤟

Resist the urge to argue with whoever you’re quarantined with 🙅‍♂️

Astral travel 🧞‍♂️

Master telepathy 🙇‍♂️

Catch up on YouTube psychic prediction videos 🔮

Brush your cat :3

Provide cannabis to those who need it.

Practice playing an instrument

take intimate portraits of your house plants

Make a joint!

For help sleeping, listen to: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/b06db5tv

list your charming faults!


play some good ping pong

rewatch friends for the 274082947235275029850270527527292597295792792729328586589365983625628956928375372895720983095209570397026100327735489739869834759827035297075027057209750237507507302572093750972905788888888 time

try and think like a virus for a whole day

please, go to sleep now.

see how long your body hair can get

Listen to the “Welcome to Nightvale” podcast

rewatch Avatar: The Last Airbender

If you’re up for more crippling depression, read H.P. Lovecraft stories

curate your ramen collection

make paper snowflakes

make homemade paper

start a sci-fi novel, you can do it.

I want to pick cherrys.

Non-stop Youtube Karaoke session.

Change your pillow

Learn a TikTok dance routine 💃🏽 🕺🏼

Write your thoughts in a diary

do your own DIY face cream

hold a note for as long as you can

scream at the top of your lungs

call your grandmother

start // join a book club

write that thank-you note that you never got round to...

De-fluff your belly button.

Go out in the wild & forage is one of the best ways to start Spring. Embrace anti-hoarding!

read a book in reverse

do not withdraw funding to the WHO

Add a new rare and uncommon word to your vocabulary everyday.

make fresh pasta

Bake sourdough bread, and share


look at doggos memes

Kiss Romane!

Buy your old neighbor their groceries - leave them outside, keep distance etc!

Make a terrarium

Call to an unknown number in order to make a new friend

Make a quick draw challenge between your WhatsApp family group.

Alone? Do yoga but singing all the single ladies and without pants

eat crackers

smoke a j

Dress up as a hero

Start walking with hands

Touch Yourself

Do some stretches

put your weirdest hat and call a friend



communicate <3


Watch on Netflix Itaewon Class

Put your favorite music and Just Dance!!

Give some quality time to your dogs! (or pets)

revisit your emo phase

Cover one of your windows with rainbows

Make an Excellent Quarantine Ideas website

write a quarantine recipe book

try to install AoE 2 on Mac for 3 days succeed! recognize that it's not fun any more in 1 hour.

Finish your dissertation

Read Harry Potter

Create a playlist on your favourite artists and share!

Work on your portfolio and curriculum

Make a tropézienne (google it)

Play board games with your family :)

Create smth every day. Even if its a chicken soup.

Play harmonica

Think about things that you are grateful for and share it.



make artwork using only Instagram instruments and take part in collective instagram zine: @ziiiiiii1111nstagram

Learn a new language

Grow food in your flat

Listen to an audiobook. YouTube has tons for free if you don’t want to make any accounts

Have themes dinners with decorations and costumes

Listen your favorite music backwards

to beautiful creators of this site: make coronoviruses smaller on mobile screen, thank you ADMIN: I wish all my clients spoke to me like this when they wanted something changed on their websites. Ur wish is my command 💗

Grow a bread levain from scratch

Write your anxiety thoughts every day and laugh about them in the future

search for paperclip and subscribe

make yourself a nonsense photo

rave on google meet

Take a cold shower

Love this site

listen to endless by frank ocean

Watch films

Listen to Eric's Nam last album

Read Evangile

Hell0000 there, I came across your website from 'hallointer.net'. Come to my google sheet and share your life with others. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1M2hOWaH4Gn93nmeQkxjCVbrhnG30q3qcYSvpAjYbViM/edit#gid=0 stay well, Jumi

Everyone get dogs

Finally read “In Search of Lost Time”

Paint your wall

Learn how to code

stop telling us what to do :)

Finally perfect a cat eye.

Mate in captivity.

Listen to a radio station broadcast from another country.

Ask your bank for forbearance.

Replace missing buttons.

Set aside 5 or 10 mn a day for a freestyle dance party.

Darn all of the holes in your sweaters with constrasting colors of wool or embroidery thread.

Speak to yourself

watch underwater live streams on explore.org

burn all toilet paper available 😱

Create a new hairstyle.

re-read your favourite book

play wizard101

Make love to yourself

Make a list of people you miss the most and write them a note or a letter.. Maybe handwritten and send them the scan

Draw a picture

pile up all the food cans you have at home, next to it all the toilet paper rolls, if the second pile is higher, kick yourself in the balls.

Learn fingerpicking guitar playing

Build a toilet paper castle (oh you can't)

finally do nothing

Finish somethi

propagate your plants

create more art, and explore

Try learning code with basically no understanding to start with!

cook some desert and give it to someone you love!

learn how to relax and massage your face muscles

start doing VISUAL DIARY, combine all sorts of shapes, materials, colors, techniques, words

learn vietnamese

Go on virtual walk to museum

Watch a BBC documentary

spread positivity launching your own youtube channel!

Watch documentaries that normally wouldn’t interest you

Put a plaster on your bellybutton to save positive energy for yourself.

Clean out your bathroom drawers

take time to mindfully and curiously wash some dishes

Paint a wall

Fold the underwear for the whole family

draw a flower to deliver to neighbors mailbox or slip under door

Art direct a self-timer photoshoot of yourself

Do eye exercises

Collaborate with an artist

do an AMA

Make a collage from magazines collecting dust in your house

Do karaoke at home. Use instrumental tracks from youtube.

Learn dance routines on the internet and emerge A STAR!


Open a window and breathe

Procrastination at the homeoffice

One drawing a day

Build your portfolio

Build a startup!

set up an art studio

Take a bath

Bier tasting

Descale your faucets

Watch a spider spin a web for 30 min

Try plant-based diet for two weeks... feel the goodness, guilt-free. Stock up on those lentils

Work with your neighbors to create an art scavenger hunt throughout your neighborhood. All those people going on walks will have something pretty to look at!

Get naked and enjoy the weather!

Pet some cats!

re–make your portfolio website for the 100th time

Call someone you like and tell them how you feel. Or message

Rearrange your room

Make pancakes

Learn the values of humanity over the manmade ties, while understanding we are nothing. Be with humans, don't be selfish again (EDIT: be with humans at a distance of 2 metres lol)

poop for as long as you want

Hör dir Olli und Jan im Podcast an (Translation: Listen to Olli and Jan podcast)

learn how to program!

Mach einen Fahrradausflug an einen Ort, an dem du noch nicht warst (Translation: Take a bike ride to a place you've never been to)

Schlaf gut! (Translation: sleep well!)

Schreiben Sie ein Gedicht. Mit einem Gefühl, einer Farbe und einer Jahreszeit. Viel Spaß! (Translation: Write a poem. With a feeling, a color and a season. Have fun!)

20 Minute Yoga session

Klamotten ausmisten und online verkaufen oder spenden (Translation: clean out clothes and sell or donate online)

Frühjahrsputz (Translation: Spring cleaning)

Beat your meat 352 times

Cook mean pasta

send a love message

send a love message to someone you love

turn your finished toilet paper rolls into X-mas crackers

Cook a bit more food than you need and share it with people in need

Encouraging creativity and saying our thanks to key workers. Would you like to support by sharing the GIFF on your social media platform and also welcome your team to get involved. GIFF: https://gph.is/g/Zd7K8MP Twitter: https://twitter.com/parveerbraich/status/1242790273182322689?s=20 Giving back: Thanks to key workers and NHS #drawyourkindness Some of us have people we know that are critical workers. As designers we create for the end user. On this instance looking to give thanks to all the key workers by celebrating their efforts, endurance and patience during this period. How nice would it be if they could experience appreciation via a digital wall mural. Thanks Parv

Sit and drink cheap beer in your pants

Eat a pizza!

Gehe ins Bett! (Translation: Go to bed!)

Draw your genitals

Do a wellness day

adopt a dog

Make a quiche

Do some sexting

stare into the abyss and slip slowly into madness

Clean your dirty windows!

Download a 3DS emulator on your computer and play animal crossing new leaf on your laptop

Explore your app of choice, and find out how to use a new tool or trick. Then share!… Photoshop for me ;)

Un-vegan yourself

tryout a new Minecraft Mod

Plant herbes

change every password you use more than once and save them to a passwordmanager

Look through old photos

everytime you read/listen to the word ‚,corona“ drink a shot

do a jigsaw !

Smoke 2 joints in the morning Smoke 2 joints at night Smoke 2 joints in the afternoon It makes you feel alright

Ask your parents (or grandparents) how the fell in love with one another.

lose your job :(

watch a live stream of the zoo

grow fingernails

Do 4 series of 10 squats

eat frozen grapes

learn how to twerk

Making drawing challenges with friends

Organizing your closet

Homemade cinema

Creating new recipes 👩‍🍳

try not to pick your nose

I recommed the Ten Percent Happier Youtube Channel. They have free live Meditations. They are great!!

make a lasagne


Dance party of one

Learn to Tango (YouTube + Living Room)

plan all your holidays for the second half of the year

do your timesheets

Buy a rasberry tree (online delivery) and make jam.

learn tantric sex

reenact mean girls with your roommate - from memory

Jerk it

Do a picnic on your living room, balcony... get a basket with snacks and wine

Stay online

Listen to hang drum music on youtube

The planet is finally breathing! Let's all be grateful for this

make a list of people you don't like and why

bake a cake, smoke weed, eat the whole cake

make yourself cry

reorganise your spice cupboard and clean your shelves

rearrange your living room

Make a grown up Teepee Tent in the living room.

listen your breath and drink more water, then count from L to O to V to E.

kiss your tipni bipnis on the mouth

Play Animal Crossing

Create your own podcast

Eat a lot

Learn how to curl your hair

Make banana bread

Organise your books by colour!

have a wank ;)

Put art in your window; for extra points make it a rotating gallery :)

gain 3lbs

plant some herbs

Get around to fixing that broken thing in your house that you said you'll get around to fixing next weekend 42 weekends ago


80's movies marathon!

switch to a renewable energy supplier!

Learn how to curl your hair!

Pretend you are in prison and become a gangster in your head

Print all your old photos and make a photo album


learn Spanish


get fit af

Learn the alphanumeric alphabet.

Send a uplifting text or email to a friend.

Pair and organise all your socks

Do a spring clean

Kiss your partner more often

Follow @Heartcorelife for free pilates and yoga classes


Will Smith movie marathon

start a fake thriller series starring you on tiktok

paint on rocks

sign up for a premium pornography subscription

Watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Teach your dog a new trick

read books


Repaint something in your house

read a book; read many books!

bake your own bread

organize your wardrobe and give away what you won't use anymore

Perform your favorite song for yourself

read the book you have been meaning to for a while!

Smoke a cigarette in your balcony

Retouch those images you had abandonned

(sew a face mask)

love life

Write a short (or long) story


Communicate with your neighbour across the street using signs in the window.

Stay hydrated.

Ask a loved one to read a book to you over the phone.

If you identify with a religion, maybe explore your faith more and if not then perhaps find your spiritual grounding or explore different faiths and see if you like any!

Rearrange your furniture every few days so it feel like you're in a different setting.

Do some gardening! It's relaxing and will make you feel at peace later in the year too xx

sort through your clothes & find items to donate

Learn a new skill on Udemy

create cute outfits with the clothes you've got! cleaning and creating at the same time :)

Do your makeup REALLY well

an idea

Harry Potter - a magical marathon

start EVE Online

Watch snails having sex on youtube

Home spa day!

Start a livestream

design a good website...

Make babies

Ask local pubs/caf´es/restaurants if they have any food to sell. Help them make some money back during what will probably be a financially super difficult time, and avoid apocalyptic scenes at the supermarket!

Look at old family photos!

scare your sister/brother

take a shower

cuddle your mom

make new candles from tiny bits of used old candles

make a walk for at least one hour

build an action-reaction parcour with all kind of stuf from home

feed your dog with a fork


turn your bathtub into an indoor zen garden

write a story about only one thing in your house

Make frozen margaritas

Plait your pubes

Go on www.jqbx.fm and play music with randoms


Eat cereal

singing aloud your favourite song

take out of the closet those unfinished projects, or at least one of them

learn how to respect transgender people

see if that dreadful video of your 12y.o. self is still on YouTube

Buy a cat

Paint your nails

Change your point of view

"digital bump ins" - facetime a friend without scheduling it

virtual happy hour with friends

costume parties on zoom

Start playing guitar!

build with legos

The romanticism of the quarantine is a class-privilege. — ADMIN: you're completely right! See the “blessed” tab for ways you can help others, or the “stressed” tab if you feel stressed, vulnerable or unable to quarantine for financial reasons. Also if anyone reads this and knows of any charities to donate to helping homeless people or sufferers of domestic abuse during these times, PLEASE submit them.

Read Steppenwolf by Hermann Hesse

paint your room

participate in a sports challenge on youtube

start to ferment food

Cook, bake and enjoy

play boardgames

watch netflix

bake cupcakes

play the guitar

Eat a cold tangerine.

Take a nap

Dust-Off your Monopoly! If you are alone, just make a few invisible players.

study every inch of your toes

keep smiling it will pass

Cut up all the newspapers to create stunning collage art

Darn your socks

Take a 2 hours lunch break and enjoy the sun

Set out clothes for donation

Plant flowers in your garden

Watch the stars

create something every day, even if it's small

Learn German!

take care of your plants! 🌱

I'm running a self isolation project. I'm from Falmouth university. I've made my outfit and I'm asking artists to use the hashtag #covid19artists to post their outfits/objects/work that relates to covid19

make a vision board. Manifest what you want in life and get creative with it!

Call your grand parents and ask them 3 things you don't know about them.

Open up a freelance business while in quarantine

Cook a ham

Learn some basic psychology, it will help you understand others and importantly yourself

Stare out of the window and Zone Out, this is your perfect opportunity and no-one can tell you not to

get into yoga with free online sessions/video classes 🧘🧘‍♂️🙏🕉️

Make a painting date with a relative

start a riot, rob the supermarket

read an atlas

Call your Mum

train your hanstand

Make love as much as you can

Try handcraft!

Write a book or diary.

Throw a virtual party

collect your shedding cat's fur and needle felt a little cat hat

Start getting your garden ready and talk to your neighbours over the fence/across the balcony

Make friendship bracelets

learn to cook healthy lunches

Finish your thesis!!!

learn how to do some accents!

Call old friends

Learn to say the alphabet backwards (at last!!!)

Learn to code :-)

germinate some seeds

Listen to a podcast

make fermented food

Build a bird feeder

new timetable!

Take an online course

smile at yourself in the mirror

Blast Charli XCX while dancing in the mirror

go the balcony and sind a song

Learn to do the splits

write a Wikipedia-article


DIY Time!

Bake hash brownies

ferment food

Call out your annoying co-worker for not actually working

Have sex.

Keep getting lit

write a diary of what you've done!

Bake banana bread

Organize your closet and drawers

Finish that project you've been putting off because you "didn't have time"

Hacer dibujos de la imagination!

Start learning the language you've always wanted to

Smoke Weed Everyday...!

💪Be Your Best Thick Bitch💪

Make Karjalanpiirakka

make best mates with your neighbours and communicate through sign language, from window to window

learn to juggle


         💻           💻💻⁣        🏄💻💻💻      💻💻💻💻💻💻 💻💻💻💻💻💻💻💻💻

make cupcakes

Tweeze leg hair

Do yoga

Push ups. Sit ups. Running on the spot.

Put some potatoes in the ground.

Subscribe to my onlyfans.

Smoke a fatty.

Meditate. Reflect.

Learn a new the basics of a new skill. Youtube tutorials are great for this.

Do 15 mins of drawing, every day.

Grow some mushrooms (magic or not).

ask your family how they are doing

go for a run alone in the park

workout with your dog

have fun with makeup

start a diary

do a harry potter marathon

Get lost in the pages of a book

Sing your heart out

Dance in front of the mirror

Plant a seed

send voicenotes of poems to people you love

Workshop a catchphrase to utter as you integrate back into society

Give your dog a middle name


Ordena tu armario

make a smoothie

make a Japanese foil ball

find new music

visit theuselessweb.com

do origami

try new hairstyles

make bracelets

play old pc games from your childhood

take buzzfeed quizzes

take a shower bcuz u stink :-)

finally watch your "watch later" playlist on YouTube

Go home

Organize your socks

bathtub fishing🐟

Olá bebés

Try pranayama breathing

Make breakfast for dinner. Try these Heavenly Hot pancakes. 4 large eggs 2 cups sour cream 1/4 cup cake flour 1/4 cup potato starch 3 Tbsp sugar 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt Put in a blender. Batter is very thin so make very small pancakes so you can flip them when they are medium brown without tearing them. You can thank me later.

Color eggs

movie marathon with friends

Send out mental spacewaves to ask the aliens for help...

propagate herb cuttings on your windowsill and have a well-seasoned self isolation

Заняться спортом

Observe the day light's transit in your home

Embroidering everything

Write a song

order a sextoy

Think of silly descriptions for things around you. Bloopy candle smush! Tubey crackly-be-gone!

Train your sense of smell by sniffing and cataloguing all the surfaces in a room.

write a PhD proposal...

to knit an enclosure

virtual charades with friends!

Virtual happy hour with friends!

play clapping games like peas porridge hot (if you're with someone)

learn the dance moves you always wanted to - i am trying moonwalking

March is perfect to re-pot your plants

complete the house projects - paint that wall

Turn off the tv and do something creative

hiii 我是谁

i love you

Finish your homework

Netflix guys, Netflix

Practice zumba by skype

Look at the window

binge critical role

colour code ur bookshelf

digital grand gestures

Apprends le Français !

Build a pillow fort i-i_i-i_i-i | | | | | n |

Alphabetise your books

Learn to play an instrument

repotting your plants <3

𝓨𝓪𝔀𝓷🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱𝓪𝓵𝓵 𝓭𝓪𝔂🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱𝓵𝓸𝓷𝓰...

Listen to Mariah Carey's Greatest Hits and shake your bum

teaching via web

watch neon genesis evangelion + the rebuild movies DO IT

Knit for four hours straight

masturbate 3 time in a row

Do a hair or face mask

Give yourself a mani pedi

Clean out your downloads folder or desktop

Clean up your inbox

Make a cake

create a Linktree and link to all the things and the stuff

alphabetise your records

make a different cocktail each night from your booze cabinet.

stay in bed. No sex.

Scream at the top of your lungs. It’s the indie movie moment that’s finally appropriate IRL.

Watch YouTube videos of Oprah throwing down some serious real-talk. Realize you really can overcome anything.

Make hand puppets for any video calls you have to do

make the floor lava

Start that batch of kombucha

Dye fabrics with onion skins

Learn to be kind to yourself again

get into baking bread

Call your aunt

organize your books by color

grow some sourdough starter

clean your kitchen drawers

Look at the clock :)

Write your memories

learn a new recipe

Read Infinite Jest

Take shots of red wine out of an egg cup

Clean out the closet(s), drawers, and cabinets! Great time to create a donate pile and help others out when the crisis is over.

Call your friends

take some self portraits!

Organize your books by height.

bake gf cookies

learn to do woodwork

Make a very nice 3-course dinner!

breathe, connect to your body, remember that we are all nature - everything is nature! - even the laptop i'm typing on, whose minerals were forged in the explosions of stars

Learn some TikTok dances

Build a website that gives people ideas of what to do when quarantined

do 3 pushups. go on, it'll feel great!

Listen to the podcast RISK!

Finish knitting that scarf

Pick up the new hobby you've been putting off for months

Throw a ball for your dog

do some pushups and pray

Move your entire room around


Find a way to timesheet naps

watch Pingu

do some life drawings of housemates in their gross quarantine state

write down as many spellings for farts sounds as you can think of

Flex as hard as you can in front of the mirror

Eat pasta.

Send an elbow picture to your crush.

Read all the books in your book shelf you haven't had time to read

Call old friends :)

fix your broken clothes

Organize your Closet+ Donate Later the Garbagio Pileee 👘

Organize your wardrobes

Organise your photo stream

Campaign for Netflix to buy a whole new bunch of great films and shows xxx

investigate how to make tissue rolls

make a potion with everything you have in your house

crack open a cold can of lager, while skyping your nan

Learn to Play Guitar

Ask a loved one for their desert island disc selections

If you feel shit, watch Queer Eye or RuPaul - Instant mood lifter!

Go on to Youtube and learn how to shuffle

Learn how to use a new program relevant to the industry you work in

Eat cheese

Tell someone you love them

Learn to play the instrument you've always wanted to play

clean your jewellery

call your mom

Stretch those hammies

Build a big hamster wheel together

ferment some vegetables and make some kimchi, its tasty and good for you

Work through all the open browser tabs you planned to look at

Experiment bondage

Learn how to moonwalk 🌚

Squats throughout your favorite song (watchout for your knees)

Make homemade pasta

read a goddamn book

Blame your failings on the sky and it's vastness

make kimchi :-)

Make an animation - if you have printer paper and some pencils, there’s quite a few apps free on the App Store!

Learn how to paint with your feet

now is the time for an online zumba class.

Watch Thomas Liberge work from home.

Do 5 tibetians exercises in slow motion #woke


Learn a yoga pose


Stretch, from head to toes

Pamper yourself

try some new yoga poses

Make paper flowers for your always empty vase

Train those abs u always wanted to get

Learn to count to 10 in different languages.

Write a song.

Repot a plant.


make a website

work on something you left at the back burner from work and life :)

Practice your masseuse skills


drop a hot mix-tape on soundcloud

Can you find one thing to compliment yourself for? Say it out loud!

Start a list of new words to improve your vocabulary

Improve your hand writing ✍️

Any upcoming birthday? Think of a handmade present with what you have around!

Make music!

Draw a hand

Practice croquis (drawing naked subject)

Swap clothes with your housemate

Get a crazy make up 💄

Dress up ! (meaning is up to you: get out of you PJ or fancy dress)

Find your worst angle 🤳

Find your best angle 🤳

Learn dance moves you can shine with on the dance floor after confinement 👯

Read the Bible.

Send a book to a friend. 📖

Draw a postcard, write it, send it.

Do a facemask 🧖 (Natural and easy recipes to be found online)

Stay offline for 12 hours

What is your favorite childhood movie? Watch it again ! 🍿

Who was your very first favorite singer? Listen to that.

Watch Spongebob Squarepants 🧽

Practice your hand stand 🤸

Bake a brioche for tomorrow morning 🥧

Select 3 pieces of clothes you don’t wear anymore and sell them online. 💸

Repot your plants! 🌱

Repair this hole in your shirt, fix this missing button, cut this long skirt! Give a second life to your clothes 👕


Visit online interactive museums! (Look it up, there’s plenty)

Scan these analog photos !!!

Make yourself a website!

Cook an old-fashion dish (stew kind) that you would never have time to cook otherwise

Make a playlist that gets you through the day.

play boggle

profess ur love to someone, u won't see them again for a while if it goes tits up :)

have a nap

Write poetry.

Drink a pint of peas

Begin planning for ‘The Big Fat Vaccination Party of the Year’

Prepare puff pastry

Call your mom.

Make yourself giggle by putting your coat and headphones on to commute to your bedroom desk

Document this weird time by keeping a diary

Make a poem using these 5 words: feather, joke, toast, baseball, chicken

Make a new Spotify playlist

Read 20 pages of a book!

eat lots of food

netflix and chill

Virtual jam sessions

make a fake email address and send spam emails to your loved ones

What is my idea?

colour-code your bookshelf / wardrobe

Learn the ukelele

Record yourself reading your favourite book and upload it online for an old person to listen to #FreeTheAudiobook

help vulnerable people : https://freedomnews.org.uk/covid-19-uk-mutual-aid-groups-a-list/

Have a nice masturbation sesh

pair all your odd socks

start sprouting!

clear your spare chair, those clothes used to belong in closet

repot plants

learn a new language!

Paint your nails and put on a face mask

Play your favourite tracks and mismatch them over random youtube videos

Scrapbook your coworkers faces together and put them in a diorama

clean out your closet. It’ll feel so therapeutic!

finish an 8 season series on Netflix in one week

Cook a 72h ragu

kick ice under the fridge and see how long it takes to melt

Plant something, like an indoor herb garden

listen to aphex twin's stone in focus, breath in, breath out, repeat.

Get into electronics and make something out of old electronic devices.

Read « The Theater and it’s Double » to feel the matrix

Scribble something, even a stickman You can do it, I believe in you

Make calls on behalf of your preferred candidate.

Make your own boardgame.

Restart Breath of the Wild

make chocolate chip cookies and eat them

Join Nintendo Online and play Super Mario

Watch cake decorating videos!

carry around your greyhound

clean up your room (life)

start training that handstand!

cook something creative with the food you have at home

Adopt two cats.

make a collage

Finally open your Duolingo notifcation

Go foraging for wood

write postcards

Clean your windows

take an online class

Start a skype group

Go through your art books, records, etc. and post pictures of your favorites. Share on social so that there is some positivity amongst all the infographics.

Take care of your plants and learn more about botany

pika pika

Call your best friend and tell them a dad joke.

Get your speakers, decks/CDJs/aux cable and a webcam and have a remote soundclash with your mates

Begin a sourdough starter and make that bread!

Discover your drag alter ego. Dress Up. Glow Up. Then put on a show for your house mates.

Make waffles!

Spring clean

Clean that thing you never have time for

Bake your favourite cake

read a book you've had on your shelf for 8 months

Write a poem for mother's day

Browse through all the art books you never opened and just bought for the cover illustrations

post toilet paper to your neighbor's mail box without any comment

Use dental floss.

Virtual party (DJ streaming, everyone else connected w/ webcams)

Listen to the Nerdfest Podcast!

Watch endless boxing videos ...

Learn Shibari ;););)

Yes, you know you can draw as you would like,go for it, practice!


Teach your cat to play mario kart

Depop all your unwanted clothes

get really into home composting


fix your broken socks

send jokes instead of panic messages

remind your beloved ones that you love them

it's pottery time!

Customise the clothes you got bored with.

train your cat

Write a book

Follow AtlasoftheFuture.org for a daily dosis of optimism and brilliant ideas from around the world!

try to become Google-free ! https://nomoregoogle.com/

Learn to do calligraphy

Play Crash Bandicoot

Paint your room pink :)

make savoury porridge (add broccoli and nutritional yeast it is so SO GOOD)

paint your nails a wIlD cOloUr

write a letter or postcard to friends, family or neighbours

learn how to do a handstand

learn a new language (or maybe just a word in another language)

make hot chocolate and add cinnamon! or vanilla! or something fancyyyyyy

Play a few rounds of Chardee MacDennis

Pitch ideas for spin-off series to your stuffed toy collection

animal crossing


Sew 1880s victorian era corset

Learn how to make a paper crane

Make a zine

Make a playlist for a friend

Water your plants

Plant some seeds

Read books... lots of books

Create a copy of your workplace on the SIMS

Read War and Peace

Read Ulysses with commentary

Listen to old tunes on your iPod

Make and share an online free workshop on one of your skills!

share this website with as many people as possible to get more good ideas

Learn to code cool shit like this

Learn to be with yourself

Finally finish Mad Men

make some choreo to the backstreet boys

Back up your laptop

livestream yourself sleeping

Write morning pages. Three pages of un-edited thought as soon as you wake. (mine this morning was about my dream about a tuna sandwich day 5 in Quarantine)

Cook healthy food to boost your immune system

Enjoy your poops for longer, no rushing, chill out on that seat

Start tickling yourself and when you don’t laugh say “but this is so funny” out loud over and over again.

Do a paint by numbers

Have a coffee in the window (don't fall out) and wave and smile to a neighbour :))

catch up on reading

make cookies! :)

bird watching from home

learn how to love yourself better, self care

discover new music

Read The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea

listen to the 1975

fall in love \(//∇//)\

Take some classy nudes

Cough on your ex EDIT: Don’t do that lol your ex might come into contact with their nan

Make someone happy 🥺

let someone know you like their mind :0

play Tokyo Xanadu eX+

pesto pasta is never a bad idea

DRINK SOME SOUP!!!!!!!!!!!!

eat big tofu

just let yourself be lazy without feeling shame for it 💯

let an artist know how much you appreciate them and their creative processes

get yourself a trial for PlayStation plus/Xbox live and stream your heart out

social distance yourself from your worries ✨

meditate 🧘‍♂️

Watch teletubbies again. do it. now :)

delete your unneeded apps

doodle, scribble, splatter paint - find your style or go abstract! your work doesn’t need to be a masterpiece to be art :3

message that person you’ve always been curious about

try talking to some new people online ✨

watch some classic movies and series!

Google Keanu Reeves

make some 'kraut

ᗪO ᔕOᗰᗴ ᘜᗩᖇᗪᗴᑎIᑎᘜ

start taking better care of yourself 🥺

seriously watch the crow video it’s peak

Remind your family members that you’re there for them, even from afar

Keep snuggled up with a blankie

Cuddle your pets

Learn to touch your toes

stress your dog like no tomorrow

Watch all of ugly Betty. It’s not as shit as I thought.

write a poem

Write an idea babes xoxoxo

Write an idea my dudes xoxoxo

submit an idea my dudes xxx

Unsubscribe from all mailing lists!

Make Pierogi


zoom call with others and do karaoke, lunch, poetry reading, meditation etc.

draw little pigeons on the inner side of book pages or on the back of framed pictures

Organize that under bed storage

Drink wine

Watch this nice video of a crow with a Yorkshire accent

Make a vlog

Find out who made the website, it looks great! EDIT: Thank you so much!!! 🌹 Admin reveal: @rifke.world


make Baozi

remain woke

watch The Matrix

Wash your hands, relish in picking your nose in privacy, then wash your hands again 💋

Self care, do a passion project, sort life shit out

become conscious : we are spoilt, we don't need to overconsume, enjoy your own company, think twice before you buy, grow your own vegetables/buy locally!!!

polish/make your website!

organise your computer!!!

Create a website called 'even better more excellent quarantine ideas' and charge 4.99 for a sub that comes with free 2ply toilet paper for profit ££££

Watch both seasons of Tales from the Tour Bus in one day!

Play the whole Final Fantasy IX.

Find your old PlayStation 1 and play the shit out of it.

Send a message to a friend you don't usually text with because you're too busy with your daily work routine.

Read some of those brand new books you've bought on Amazon in the past years and you've never opened.

Write down a list of things you've always wanted to do and start doing the ones that don't involve going out.

do some old good wood working

Research or attempt a new haircut

Draw a pig

Back up all your cherished photos

look after your tamagotchi

learn how to twerk with your feet on the wall

learn houdini (cus honey this is the only time you have time)

play strip poker with your house mates

make your bed

Become a pro gamer

Get on your hands and knees and howl like a dog

Light up a big red malboro

Clean your room :-)

Do a big wank

Download an app that can help you learn a new language + practice 5-30 mins a day

DIY craft days: draw (colouring pencils or even just biros and regular pens), paint (if you have watercolours or any old paints lying around) collage (using old magazines, scissors, glue)

Grow herbs

read judith butler

Record a cover of Quaranteenage Dirtbag by Wheatus

learn how to breathe pranayam style to strengthen the lungs and calm down the mind <3

Do a painting

Teach yourself embroidery with YouTube

Post a note to a vulnerable neighbour asking if they need shopping or just a chat on the phone. Remember to give them your name and number!

Write a strongly worded letter to ITV about the cancellation of Jeremy Kyle

Learn a language!

Think of new excuses, cos’ busy won’t work

Invent your own board game

Bake a cake

Do a milk bath photoshoot

Draw a self portrait

Live breathe P5 / Python for two weeks

Decide what you really want to do with your life.

Download and play The Sims

Feng shui your quarantine environment.

Make a camera obscura (provided you have a window and black card)

Bake with what you can find in your cupboards!

Make a toilet paper fort 🧻

Out-isolate your housemates by making the most elaborate blanket fort ever!

Write a novel

Painting 🖼

Paint a masterpiece

Write a vegan manifesto

Learn to make fresh pasta #coronagoals

Buy more toilet paper

Get out your old Nintendo ds and play animal crossing for a week solid

Paint a still life of your stockpiled vegetables

repot your plants. 🌿

take a bubble bath

If in a long distance relationship, invest in smart vibrators

Read a book

Write that opinion piece you never have time for

Lord of The Rings marathon

Have a bathroom disco 🛁 🎉

Don’t hate. Masturbate.

Karaoke to 80s POWER BALLADS

Write an idea baby

Watch every season of Gossip Girl

Play toilet paper twister

Turn your living room into an obstacle course And play Marco Polo

Listen to Scooter for 24 hrs

Start a window choir

Make your own toilet paper craft session

Listen to Lady Lisha on repeat for 24 hrs

Film a death metal video with your dog

Submit an idea to excellent-quarantine-ideas.com


Submit an idea



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